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Grand Ovation at Lakewood Ranch 2015

By: Craig Shipp

Grand Ovation at Lakewood Ranch 2015 starring the Sarasota Ballet with theSchool of Russian Ballet;Diamonds and Pearls Dance Team,Lakewood Ranch High School Theatre Department,Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Mote Marine and many more singers, dancers, actors and entertainers! There is always something for everyone at Grand Ovation at Lakewood Ranch. See the video and photos below.

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Below is a breakout video of the Sarasota Ballet clips also in 4k UHD.

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This was the Grand Ovation Performance Schedule for Jan 31, 2015:

Fountain Stage: (next to MacAllisters)  11:00 am - Sarasota Ballet performance  11:30 am - Curry Creek Cloggers performance  12:00 pm - The Diamonds and Pearls Dance Team performance  12:30 pm - School of Russian Ballet performance  1:00 pm - The Open Door Band performance  1:30 pm - LWR Ballroom Dance Club performance  2:00 pm - Sarasota Chorus of the Keys performance  2:30 pm - Good Time Groove Band performance  3:00 pm - Fuzin Dance Artists performance

Boardwalk Stage: (next to White Rose Interiors)  11:00 am - Jazz Club of Sarasota performance  11:30 am - Sarasota Jungle Gardens performance  12:00 pm - Sarasota Opera performance  12:30 pm - LWR High School Theatre Dept. (Mustang Players) performance  1:00 pm - Florida Studio Theatre performance  1:30 pm - Nick Drivas performance  2:00 pm - The Players Theatre - The Players Follies performance  2:30 pm - The Players Theatre - The Players Kids performance

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Grand Ovation at Lakewood Ranch 2015

By: Craig Shipp
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