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Sarasota Holiday Parade 2014

By: Craig Shipp

Sarasota Holiday Parade 2014 in 4k UHD - With dancers, circus performers,
tigers, clowns and even Santa the Sarasota Holiday Parade had it all!

Note: Video, and facebook photo links are below!

or Click Here for the 2015 parade in 4k UHD!

An index for the above video is below.

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or Click Here for the 2015 parade in 4k UHD!


This is the index for the video that's above:
00:00 Sport Clips - Hair Cuts for Men in Sarasota -
00:34 & 14:05 Sarasota High School Theater Program -
01:56 & 27:52 Sarasota Dance Academy -
02:21 & 27:25 Sarasota Bad Girls
02:41 Stage Door Studios -
02:57 & 16:03 ACRO FIT Cheerleading Girls -
03:25  & 30:28 Stage Door Studios -
03:33 & 19:23 Ski-A-Rees ski show team -
03:37 Tennis
03:51 & 14:41 St. Paul Lutheran Church
03:56 Color Guard
04:09 Parade Starts - police motorcycles
04:56 Smokey Bear and parade VIPs in convertibles 
05:35 Suncoast School for Innovative Studies -
06:13 Sarasota High Band
06:53 Sarasota High Sailors Cheerleaders
07:52 Make-A-Wish and at 09:00
08:05 & 09:25 FST Florida Studio Theatre -
08:24 Bay Haven Broadway Club -
09:38 Cub Scouts Pack 70
09:46 Girl Scouts Troop 760 & Troop 568
11:03 Sahib Shriners
12:26 Jump Dance Company and pre-school -
14:46 Cute Dancers
15:31 Greyhound Rescue
17:36 Booker High School Marching Band
18:20 Tornados Cheerleaders 
18:53 Salvation Army
20:32 Florida Crackers
22:40 Big Cat Habitat -
23:42 Sailor Circus boys and girls circus arts -
24:29 Sarasota 4h club
24:59 Chick-fil-A + Asian dancers and martial arts
25:45 Riverview High School Kiltie Band
28:48 Sarasota Tabernacle Christian School
29:06 SWAT quit smoking
29:46 The Rhythm Inlet -
32:26 Anna Maria Island Privateers -
33:02 ACE Hardware
33:39 Tigers Cheerleaders
35:40 Shining Light Church
36:12 B&R Bath and Racquet Fitness Club -
36:45 Observer
37:24 Venice High School Band & beautiful flag girls
38:38 Santa


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"Events define our life - if not captured, preserved and shared in photos did they ever happen?" Craig Shipp

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Sarasota Holiday Parade 2014

By: Craig Shipp
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