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The acclaimed comedy and magic show “Dr. Conundrum’s Cabaret of Miracles” (10/15/2013)
The acclaimed comedy and magic show “Dr. Conundrum’s Cabaret of Miracles” The acclaimed comedy and magic show “Dr. Conundrum’s Cabaret of Miracles” is coming to Venice, FL -  Nov 5 thru 16, Tuesday through Saturday nights with a 7:00 PM curtain. The shows will be presented at Cabaret of Magic, a Glenn Gary Production, 207 Miami Ave W, Venice, FL 34285. Come early to experience some mind-blowing closeup magic. Get ready to laugh and be amazed by a pair of unlikely characters: Dr. Conundrum, played by Dan Garrett, and his assistant Hans, played by Merritt Ambrose. “Dr. Conundrum’s Cabaret of Miracles” is an amazing, hilarious conglomeration of magic, mystery and mayhem; sorcery and secrets; laughter and legerdemain. The mad Dr. Conundrum will blow your mind. Hans, the bi-polar man-child, will channel the spirit world, making unusual objects float, move or transmogrify. All the while, this dysfunctional duo will make you laugh until you hurt. Enjoy new and original audience-interactive performance art, with some amazing magic thrown in for good measure. Rated PG-13 for mild language and mature themes. Merritt Ambrose is the 2011 Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year. In addition to a fine magician, he is an award-winning graphic designer. Multi time award winner for close-up magic contests and had competed at the international level against world champion close up magicians.   Dan Garrett is the first triple winner of the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year. He was National President of the Society of American Magicians (the same office held by Harry Houdini) in 1995, and is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle of London, with Gold Star. Starring Merritt Ambrose as Hans Dan Garrett as Dr. Conundrum Produced by Merritt Ambrose Written and Directed by Dan Garrett Contact Glenn Gary at 703.963.0790  for more information.  Tickets available the door and online at “OMG that was a fantastic show! These magicians exhibited an unparalleled artistry combined with such an entertaining comedic flair that we were enthralled the entire show. Must see!!!” – 5 Star review on “A  man of mystery bordering on a wacky mad scientist, a psychopathic adopted son that would be right at home at the Bates motel plus enough laughs and magic to make you wish The Lyceum Circuit was still around” – Rolando Santos, Headline News  
Sarasota Chalk Festival 2012 (07/19/2012)
We want YOU to become a part of the picture! Sarasota Chalk Festival are seeking sponsorship and donations to help keep the festival free for everyone to participate in and attend. Please help in any way you can by donating online here, by sponsoring us, or by donating time and services.

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